TMI Tuesday: Sexual Revelations

Sexual Revelations

  1. TMI TuesdayWhen did you see your first naked women that was not a family member?
    Assuming you mean in the flesh as opposed to on TV or in a magazine, then I was 17, she was my girlfriend at the time, and it was a pretty serious (albeit not all the way) make-out session.
  2. When did you see your first naked man that was not a family member?
    Not sure if it counts as “man” given the age, but it would yhave been 11/12, in the showers after gym at school.
  3. What were the circumstances of each situation?
    See answers above.
  4. At what age did you first witness sexual nudity? Was it online or in print?
    I’m sufficiently old eough that my first sexual images were pre-internet. It was a magazine, that a slightly older friend had “borrowed” from an older sibling. I would have been 11/12 at the time.
  5. Sexual revolution–When was yours OR It hasn’t happened yet?
    There have been many. Recieving my first blow-job, going down on a girl for the first time, losing my virginity, discovering a D/s relationship. Possibly more landmaks than revolutions, but all part of the journey of the last 30 years.

Bonus: What’s the best sex advice or sex education book you’ve ever read? (Yes, it must be a book, could be online but a book).
The best advice, such as it was, was to always treat your partners with respect.

Wicked Wednesday: Nature

Wicked WednesdayI am a big fan of the outdoors. I like being “at one” with nature. Given the allusions to nudism in my chosen pen-name, I like to spend time outdoors, naked. Sadly, living in Scotland, the weather doesn’t often lend itself to that very often, but when it does, I do try to make the most of the situation.

It’s not just about sex. As I alluded to in my recent TMI Tuesday post, there can be some extra excitement involved in having sex outdoors, the thrill of possibly being caught in the act can, and does, add a certain something sometimes. I won’t deny, there is something particularly nice about lying in the warmth of the summer sun, in post-coital langour, but that is just an occasional added bonus.

The vast majority of my outdoor nudity has not involved sex, nor has it been sexual in any way.

For me, like the majority of those who practice naturism, being naked is not about sex, it is not about getting thrills, it is about enjoying the “natural” state of being undressed. Whether it be lying on a beach, soaking up the sun, or sitting in the garden, or just enjoying some remote, out of the way spot in the countryside, it is about the feeling of freedom.

Personally, what draws me to “nudist” beaches is the fact that, even allowing for the fact that the sand can, and does get ecverywhere, I just find it so much more comfortable. No material clinging stickily to bits of you, not having to endure wet swimwear drying on you after you’ve been for a swim, just makes the experience (for me at least) that much more relaxed and comfortable.

Having said that, I am a country boy and I enjoy being outside and “in nature” in pretty much any circumstances; even with all my clothes on.

TMI Tuesday: This or That?

This or That?

  1. TMI TuesdayLights on or off?
    I’m not averse to having the lights off; it can add a certain coziness and extra intimacy. On the whole though, I like to engage all my senses during sex. I like to see my partner and watch their reactions. So if I had to choose, it would be lights on.
  2. Slow teasing or getting right to business?
    A lot depends on the mood. There are sometimes when you are so randy you just want to rip each others clothes off and get down to it (sometimes even ripping each others clothes off is too much of a delay). Again though, as I said above, I’m very much about the senses and the sensations. A quickie is great if that’s all that time allows, but a long, slow build up that gets us both fully in the mood is hard to beat.
  3. Giver or receiver?
    Kind of both; particularly if we’re talking about oral. I probably enjoy being on the receiving end of a blow-job every bit as much as every other man that has ever lived. I do thoroughly enjoy going down on a woman. Again, it’s the sensualist thing, and going down really does engage all the senses. My partners have always tended to approve wholeheartedly of my attentionms in this area.
  4. Background noise or no?
    Probably no. That said, I do enjoy the noises of sex: the moans and sighs of my partner, the sounds of our bodies in contact, the bed creaking and groaning beneath us. So, sex noises, yes, background noise, not so much.
  5. Top or bottom?
    Very much depends on the mood and the “type” of sexual situation. Being of a Dominant disposition, I tend to find myself on top quite often, but I do enjoy being the one beneath too. If nothing else it means I can use my hands a bit more freely as I’m not relying on them for support.
  6. Private or public?
    Maybe not fully in public, with actual people actually watching (although it’s not totally unknown), but outdoors where there is the possibility that someone might catch you in the act can add some extra excitement.

Bonus – Describe your best or worst sexual encounter. Double bonus if you describe both. 😉
A gentlemen never shags and tells…