White Lines

#MasturbationMondayIf porn is to be believed, the cumshot is the absolute epitome of the male climax, the Crème de la Crème of the male sexual experience. It seems we men are incapable of achieving orgasm inside the body of a woman. We just can’t help ourselves, it seems; as soon as we reach the point of no return, we simply have to whip our cocks out of whatever hole they have been pounding, and deposit our load all over the face, neck, boobs, tummy, arse of the object of our carnal desires.

Sometimes, I think the whole “mainstream” porn industry is some sort of advert for the Catholic Church’s Family Planning Unit. Cue:

“Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted, God gets quite irate…”

Given that there are around 8 billion of us on this planet, it certainly highlights the inadequacy of coitus interruptus as a form of contraception; but, I digress…

Now here’s the rub (pun possibly intended); when it comes to shooting my load, I actually like to be directed by the recipient of it. If she wants me to cum hard inside her, then that’s what I’ll do. If she wants me to unload in her mouth, then I’m up for that. If she wants me to erupt all over her an then rub it in, then I will happily oblige. If she wants some combination of all of the above, I’ll try my best but I can’t promise. It may require more than one shot at it…

Actually as an aside, and as someone who believes in safe sex, the majority of my sexual relationships, have been  what you could call “condom relationships”, so, with very few exceptions, cumming inside her actually involves cumming inside the condom, but that’s a minor technical point.

There is,in my opinion, something incredibly hot in seeing my lover streaked with my cum; it adds a particular stamp to the proceedings. I’ve never been with someone who wanted me to give them a facial, but any number of women that I’ve “entertained” have enjoyed me shooting forth over their boobs.

As Girl on the Net said in her post, I like to ask the woman where she wants it. I also love it when the woman chooses, completely unsolicited, to tell me where she wants me to cum. One of the hottest experiences I have ever had is when the woman I was with took me to the edge with her mouth, wanked me off over her boobs, then asked me to rub it in while I ate her out. For some strange reason, that got me hard again very quickly. There is something insanely hot about seeing her lying there with a dreamy well fucked contentedness on her face, wearing the mark of our passion proudly on her skin.

That said, the visual aesthetics of her wearing my load on her boobs, seeing it dribble from her cunt, or watching her lick it from her lips are all visual, post-climactic treats. At the point of orgasm, I’m not really caring about such niceties; if I’m concentrating on anything at all during those few moments of release it is on sensations of said release alone, not where it is ending up.

Do I have any preference as to the ending? Simple answer: no, not really. Whilst ejaculation isn’t something I can take absolutely 100% as a given, it happens more often than not. When it happens, it’s the act of release that brings pleasure.

So, with that in mind,  for me, the best place to cum is wherever she wants me to…



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  1. The whole cum shot in porn always baffled me, not only because it just didn’t work me but because in real life it does work for me. Seeing a man ejaculate, the semen actually coming out is a big turn on to me but in porn, it leaves me cold. I think it is because it is always shot from the male point of view rather than from the female, or receiving partner. Looking down, not up etc… Silly porn makers forgetting about us women.



    1. That’s not an uncommon criticism of porn I believe. I don’t know if I’d enjoy it, but I would be quite interested in seeing it from the receiver’s point of view as opposed to always seeing it, in effect, from my own perspective.


  2. I’ve never been a fan of the cum in porn, whether video or photo. My take on it has been that coming on someone, especially the face is a form of humiliation and to me that is not something I am into. The idea of doing it where she wants and following her lead in that I do like, an interesting perspective.


    1. I’ve known women for whom the whole degradation/humiliation thing was their particular kink. But that aside, as I said in my reply to your other half, assuming you aren’t attempting to impregnate her, you might as well shoot it where it’s most wanted. Once it’s out of me, I’m done with it, so I may as well put it where she wants it.


  3. I’ve never asked or thought to ask, but the idea that wherever you come, as long as it’s where she wants it, is where you want to come too – that’s what makes this simultaneously erotic and fascinating.


  4. I pretty much agree with all you’ve said. Call me a stupid male but ladies, if you’re giving me a hand job or oral I *am* going to wonder if that’s how you want me to cum. Because I’m not sure if this is foreplay or the climax. Which is why I always ask “where/how do you want it?”
    Sadly the most common response is “I dunno, wherever/however you want?”


    1. I’ve often found in those situations a “Yo’re either going to have to stop and let me calm down or continue and let me recover” works in those situations.

      Sometime though, you just have to kind of go with what seems right in the moment.


  5. Nice post.
    As a gay guy, I always ask what he would prefer.
    As a guy I quite like watching the ejaculation, but it can feel hot taking a load inside.
    I guess the big advantage is that I can cum hands free while as guy fills me. Shooting together is always hot.


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