Baring All

Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayIt will probably be no surprise to anyone reading this, especially if you are a regular viewer of my #SinfulSunday posts, that I am quite comfortable being in a state of undress.

I have written before on the subject of self-image, and I am, I guess, quite fortunate. I have always been pretty comfortable in my own skin and always been fairly relaxed about letting it all hang out. That’s not to say that I like all bits of my body equally. There are bits that I am not particularly fond of; my lopsided ears for example and my double chins.  The latter I can partially excuse on my hypothyroidism, the ears, however, I was born with.  There are other bits that I think are actually pretty good. Thirty odd years of running up and down rugby pitches has meant my legs (especially thighs and calves) are in pretty good shape, and the upper body strength required for the game means that my shoulders and chest are pretty well developed (although this causes issues finding shirts/jumpers/etc. that fit me in the sleeve).

There are other bits that I’m fairly ambivalent about. My mid section is a bit Meh!  I’ve let it go to seed a bit.  I can still hold it in easily enough to take a good photo, but in its natural state, it’s much more relaxed. My penis? Well, I’m male, I have one. I’m not going to reiterate my views on the aesthetic qualities (or lack thereof) of the male sexual organ; suffice to say that it does what it’s meant to do, and the women who have encountered it in the flesh have all seemed satisfied with it, so that’s all that I really need.

As I said, being naked is generally something I’m relaxed about.  I can happily wander round the house undressed. I’m not bothered, really, if someone sees me through a not quite closed blind.  I can happily go naked on a beach if local custom allows.  This latter bit is not out of any real sense of exhibitionism, just a preference because I find it so much more comfortable.

Getting naked for someone is a wee bit more challenging.  There is always a bit of apprehension and, indeed, vulnerability, about letting someone see you naked for the first time. Fortunately I’ve always been able to rationalise this away by the fact that I expect the other person is feeling similar things and I am concentrating on their body; appreciating it and enjoying it so that I’m not thinking about mine.

I’m not saying that, in those moments I’m not wishing that maybe my stomach was flatter or that, perhaps, my cock was a little bit bigger (it’s a bloke thing, OK; I’m completely happy with it, but I’d be completely happy with the next size up too…); but the woman I am with is also sharing her vulnerability with me, she is baring and revealing herself; and that, for me, is a wonderful thing to experience and share.

So, yeah, I’m comfortable with my body, I have no shame in being naked and am (generally) relaxed in that state. Granted, in certain naked situations, a part of me is most definitely not relaxed, but that’s the topic, perhaps, for another post.



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  1. We found your thoughts interesting as well in regards to actually getting naked for someone. We are nudist who belong to a resort but there has been a couple of occasions when we were discussing the lifestyle with friends they have said well if you are so comfortable why aren’t you nude now and proceeded to tell us it would be ok if WE got nude. I have a female HS classmate who had asked if I was really a nudist, when I said yes, her response was, can I see you ? So yes, at those moments we felt very vulnerable and challenged. After it was done, the wife and I both felt a since of satisfaction.


  2. “but the woman I am with is also sharing her vulnerability with me, she is baring and revealing herself”
    Yes this.
    Especially in the lifestyle I live, people forget ‘tops/Doms’ also have feelings and anxieties and having them makes no less masterful. If anything for me self awareness and reflection shows mastery of the self and is more of a turn on.
    However such insight on their part is not a licence to go Compliment fishing though!
    Humbly twigs


    1. It is very easy to concentrate on our own insecurities and forget that others have them too. When we get naked for another person, we are allowing them to see so much more than just our physical forms.


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