No Worries…

Penis ProjectIt’s a strange one, isn’t it? Ask a woman what size her boobs are and, assuming she’s willing to divulge such information, she’ll tell you. Ask a man how big his cock is, and you’ll probably be met with something along the lines of: “Um, dunno, probably about 6 inches”. If you are really unlucky, he may take that as an invitation to send you a photo of it.

Now I suspect one of the reasons women know their measurements much more accurately than we men know ours is that they have to get themselves fitted to wear an uncomfortable garment that, ultimately, is still the wrong size; whereas we don’t need to worry about such things. Also, a woman’s boobs, even when modestly covered are still pretty much on display; whereas what we men have in our trousers is, by and large, more discreetly concealed.

It’s not that we men are reticent about our penises; far from it. Indeed, we seem to take the opportunity to proudly wave them about at every opportunity, so why are we generally so vague on their dimensions?

Well, for one thing, their dimensions are decidedly inconstant. Mine changes according to the mood I’m in, the temperature, whether or not I need to pee, my partner’s state of undress or what she happens to be doing at any given moment. When I’m cold it can shrivel down to virtually nothing, when aroused it is, well, whatever size it is.

The fact is that the women I’ve been with have all seemed to like it. When I was younger, before any member of the opposite sex had even seen my member, I used to have some concerns that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t “man enough” in that department, but such doubts were quickly dispelled by the first girl to see it (and subsequently feel it) and the comments that I have had directed about it have all been favourable.

#MasturbationMondayThe insecurity, such as it was, came from comparing my cock in its flaccid state with other lads my age. I am very much what you might describe as a “grower”. The other problem is, things always look smaller when you look down on them, and given that since my early teens I have been about 5′10″ that’s a reasonably long way down to look. Of course, even then, I knew that the size of a penis in its flaccid state bears no relation to its size when fully erect, but that was all I had to go on.

Even as I grew more confident, thanks to the appreciative comments of the women who saw it in the flesh, I’d still rather that their first view of it was in at least a semi-erect state.

I’m over such things now. Even when I had “hang-ups” I still knew that it wasn’t really the size that was the important thing, nor was my penis the only thing that gave women pleasure during sex.

I have learned that, ultimately, the important thing is, is that the woman I am with likes it and what I do with it. As for how big it is, um, I dunno, about 6″ I guess.



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  1. JB is definitely a grower but I had no idea he had any insecurities about that until recently. I reminded him that *I* like it – and his previous partners haven’t seemed too upset by it – so it’s just fine.


  2. I find it fascinating how much a man’s penis can grow, also the different shapes and sizes of an erect cock. Mind you, women’s tits come in all shapes and sizes too. Gosh, so much to think about here!


  3. excellent post – cocks fascinate me – I didn’t know Malflic were doing a penis project. I will have to get on to that one 😉


  4. I have always wondered why some men seem to have hang-ups about their size. It is so much more important what a man does with what he has. Confidence is also key. But then, I suppose that comes with experience, yes? Great post.


    1. Men are just as susceptible to the whole “body perfect” thing and, it can be difficult to accept that size doesn’t matter (especially because there are some women to whom it does). It’s kind of a “Well, yes, I know it works well, but surely it might work even better if there were more of it” thing.

      As I said above, I’m just fortunate that it’s not a hang-up I have.


  5. Great post. Something I love about this community is that I get to hear a male point of view about all sorts of stuff I’ve taken for granted. So thanks!


    1. I can’t (and don’t assume to) speak on behalf of all men. I realise and accept people have hang-ups; I have plenty of my own. I’m just fortunate that being worried about the size of my significant fraction isn’t one of them.


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