Missing In Action (Or Is That Inaction?)

Share Our ShitI seem to be on a bit of a smutty hiatus. There are a number of reasons for this: my moods, work stealing too much of my time, a general lack of interest in life. Mainly though, it’s simply that I have a total lack of inspiration when it comes to having anything to write about. The very fact that I am writing this #SoSS post on a Monday is pretty much symptomatic of my current malaise.

I look at the prompts from #MasturbationMonday and #WickedWednesday and I find that, for the present at least, I have nothing to say. I read the questions on #TMITuesday and #F4TFriday and I realise that I have no answers.

This is not in anyway a criticism of Kayla, Marie, Molly and the others who organise and contribute to those memes, it is a reflection of a certain emptiness of spirit, a lack of inspiration, and a dearth of ideas that currently taken hold of my creative consciousness.

Thankfully, I still have my photographs. Even here though, inspiration is somewhat lacking. Even though I am participating in #FebPhotoFest, only three of my submissions were taken specifically for this year’s event. The rest were ones that I had that I had taken as possible submissions for #SinfulSunday, but had never got around to using. Even allowing for the three photos that are “original content”, every single post that you will have seen posted during February was actually uploaded and queued before the month had even began.

I’m not sure if that makes me a fraud, or just extremely well organised; either way, it just further emphasises the creative rut I am currently in.



8 thoughts on “Missing In Action (Or Is That Inaction?)

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  1. If pre-planning and scheduling posts is fraudulent, then I’m most definitely a fraudster. 🙂

    Perhaps you’re doing FPF differently than you have in the past. Perhaps you’re using backstock that you’re already familiar with. So what? (1) You’re doing FPF, and (2) your photos are new to the rest of us. So: WIN! 😀

    I get the lethargy/disinterest; I think we all go through it to some extent. It’s normal. (I also get that as part of your depressive cycle, it can feel abnormal. To be clear: I’m not trying to diminish your experience.)

    Sometimes ‘inaction’ just means ‘rest’. And if that’s what you need to do, please take care of YOU. Giving yourself a break is a Good Thing. 🙂

    I, for one, will still be here, ready to read you when you return.


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  2. Don’t worry rut’s don’t last forever you will find your muse again. I don’t think using stocked photographs is lazy, it’s creative IMO. When you have something to say about having nothing to say you are saying something 😉


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