#MasturbationMondayI recently did a post on self-edging; the experience of prolonging that wonderfully exquisite agony just before allowing myself the much needed release of orgasm. I have also described my masturbation technique. Unfortunately, I have also mentioned that, for reasons of the medication I take for my depression, both of the aforementioned activities are rarities.

That, however, is just me. Just because it is an experience I am unable to enjoy very often for myself, it does not mean that I can’t be the cause of such enjoyment for someone else.

If you have read any of what I write on these pages, you will know that if there is one particular act I love performing on a woman, it is cunnilingus. I love it for a host of reasons. I love the reactions of the woman I am doing it with. I love the tastes and the scents. I love the noises, the moans, the sighs, the cries she makes as my tongue does its work, driving her towards her climax.

Most of all though, I love that I am very much the one in control.

It’s not that I get off on control or that I am in any way a control freak, because I don’t and I am not.

When I say that I am in control, I mean more that my response and what I am doing are fully conscious. When I am fucking, there is an inherent lack of control; at some point I am going to go beyond the point of no return and I am going to come. When I am going down on my partner there are no such constraints. I can take my time. I can savour it. I can wallow in it. I can vary my pace in response to her reactions. I can keep her simmering, holding her at the precipice.

Once again, this is seated in my sensualism. For me, there is a most wonderful sensory overload that accompanies feasting on a woman’s cunt. On top of this, there can be the most intense positive feedback loop; where her pleasure intensifies mine and, in doing so, make me strive to prolong and intensify hers. In a way, in edging her, I am also edging myself. In trying to draw out her enjoyment for as long as possible, I am extending my own.

The Oral Sex ProjectWhen, of course, the end inevitably arrives, when she can take no more, I am rewarded with the intense, rich flavour of her climax; the bittersweet taste of her essence on my tongue. In that moment we are just as much as one as when I am inside her; her climax includes me.

I may continue licking. I may move up and slide into her. Either way, I am sharing that moment with her; the moment that I withheld and intensified, before finally granting.



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  1. I am a fairly new convert to the joys of receiving oral sex. I now know that before I didn’t enjoy it as it felt so passive but with michael he makes me feel like I am the centre of his attention but also that he is controlling me. Your description made me want to ask for his mouth on me



    1. I like to think that’s my approach too. When I’m down there, I’m not doing or thinking about anything else, my partners pleasure (and consequently mine) is all that there is.


  2. I so love this post, well written and so many good thoughts. I have heard to many times people (men mostly) say that cunnilingus is not being in control. Wholeheartedly have I disagreed with that line of thinking
    In my younger years I will admit to being thoughtless and selfish with pleasure thinking it was only for me. Since then I have found that her pleasure is my pleasure.


  3. I know a *very* controlling man who would agree with you regarding the level of control in oral sex, lol. But I also love the way you describe your own pleasure in providing pleasure.


    1. I am not so selfless that my own pleasure is of no consequence, nor am I so selfish that it is all that matters. I walk a path between the two extremes. Knowing however, that the greater the pleasure I give my partner, the more intense my own is, is a kind of reward that stems from a “the more I want, the more I have to give” attitude that does give me the incentive (should I need it) to put my all into whatever it is I am doing and to see it as part of a bigger whole rather than kind of:

      – kissing – done
      – fondling – done
      – oral – work in progress
      – penetration – to do

      list/task approach.

      The task (if that’s the right word, and it probably isn’t) is each other’s pleasure, not the individual acts that contribute along the way.

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      1. I think the best encounters happen when this is the approach. Mutual pleasure is always the goal…it’s the path of how you get there that varies…from person to person and moment to moment. 😀


  4. “I am sharing that moment with her; the moment that I withheld and intensified, before finally granting.” This was… wow. Your perspective is wonderful – thank you for sharing such an intense and intimate POV. Loved it.


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