#MasturbationMonday Round-Up

Share Our Shit SaturdayI was honoured when Kayla (@KaylaLords) asked me to do the round-up for Week #203. Having done the round-ups for both #SinfulSunday and #WickedWednesday before, I knew what I was letting myself in for; the standard of submission is always high and the entries for this week were no exception.

It took me a while agonising over who to leave out and, as always, there could have been any number of different “Top 3s”. Eventually, I managed to settle on what was to be my final selection, which I give you now, in no particular order:

The Silent Orgasm – My Controlled Ascent – (@kisangura)
Something about this one connected with me, bringing back memories of similar situations in my younger years. The carefree horny abandon that being abroad, in the heat can invoke, and the conflicting need to keep the sounds of such warmth induced passion from the ears of your offspring sleeping on the other side of a thin wall. Anyone who has ever been abroad with small children will probably relate to this cautionary tale.

The Librarian – ​Isabelle Lauren – (@Romanticisa)
​There is something undeniably erotic about libraries. Maybe its the enforced silence, maybe it’s the presence of so many words, so many stories. Combine them with those out of the way reading alcoves and who knows what might happen. I love how Isabella combines the heat of bringing herself to orgasm and the (accidental?) voyeurism ​of the librarian. A shared intimate secret, with just a hint of the promise of more to come.

Tired – Coffee & Kink – (@CoffeeAndKink)
There​ is something so wonderfully tender and yet deeply erotic in this. It epitomises the intimacy that underlies D/s; the Dominant caring for the submissive’s needs. It illustrates that, beneath the spankings, behind the coarse language, there is an attentiveness to the needs of the other that comes from being intimately attuned to each other. It’s the perfect illustration of care, nurture and support that is the responsibility of any Dominant to provide to and for their submissive.

Of course, I would like to thank everyone who took part for making it such a pleasantly difficult task.



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