#MasturbationMondayMaybe it’s the fact that, for once, we’ve actually had something that you could call a summer here in Scotland this year, but there is something particularly arousing about the warmth of summer sunshine; feeling its heat sink into you as you languish beneath it.

I’ve long been a fan of fucking alfresco for any number of reasons. Firstly, it just feels good; I enjoy being naked outdoor, I enjoy having sex, so putting the two together is always a win. Then, of course, there’s the added risk element; the possibility of being observed in flagrante delicto which adds an extra fillip of excitement to proceedings.

On especially hot days, there is something extra. The warmth of the sun combines with the heat generated when two bodies join. Even when the possibility of being caught still exists, there is something about the temperature that makes you slow things down, to savour the feelings and each other. If privacy allows, you can lavish in it; enjoying the lassitude as you take it in turns to pleasure each other with fingers, lips and tongues before lazily fucking each other into a hot, sweaty frenzy.

To be naked, outdoors, fucking in the heat of a gloriously golden summer’s afternoon is one of life’s most luxurious yet simple pleasures; and one that should be taken advantage of if/when the opportunity presents itself.



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  1. I am currently enjoying what passes for winter in Queensland which in temperature and sunshine levels is probably very close to what you refer to as summer. I am not keen to fuck alfresco exactly. Not in the full nude anyhow. It is a little bit chilly.

    However outdoor sex can be fun when the temperature and sunshine levels are good.


    1. I think fucking fully naked outdoors really only if you have absolute privacy or you are enough of an exhibitionist that you really don’t mind the possibility of being seen. The only time I have actually done the latter, i used it as the basis for this story. I admit the fact that with it being a fairly popular beach, and it was quite busy, the fact that we might have been overseen did add a certain something to it. By and large though, I prefer to be able to take my time, not be interrupted and concentrate on what we’re doing without having to keep a constant look out. Fortunately my garden allows me that level of privacy. All I need is the weather and someone to help me take advantage of it…

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