Food For Thought Friday - #F4TFridayI have, to all intents and purposes, given up masturbating. For reasons that I have gone into before, I can’t actually remember the last time I was responsible for my own climax. The result being that attempting to masturbate probably causes more frustration than it relieves and it is simply more effort than the result (assuming there is one) is worth.

As such, it’s probably safe to say that, certainly in the last few years my favourite/easiest way is actually the only way and that is to achieve one with the assistance of a partner. In addition to when we fuck, the partner in question can use her mouth or hand to bring me to climax.

I don’t really have a preference as to how it is achieved. The simple truth is that sex happens so infrequently that I am simply enjoying the fact that it is actually happening and not really concerning myself with what we are doing or what she is doing to me.  For me, sex is simply to be enjoyed and not analysed.

In terms of who comes first, I generally try to work things so that she does. The overwhelming majority of my climaxes occur during intercourse, so I use my fingers and tongue to bring her to a climax before things progress to that point/

Of course, sometimes she doesn’t. Orgasms are fickle little buggers sometimes and we just have to accept that they don’t happen every time; both for her, and for me.

I’ve never faked one, but there are occasions when I’ve had to finish before I’ve climaxed. I have learned to have what is sometimes referred to as a “dry orgasm” where ejaculation doesn’t happen, but the intense release of sexual pressure is achieved by an almost deliberate relaxation of the muscles in the groin area. It’s not quite as intense as the full on “explosive” version, but it is still very pleasurable. Even this variant, however, can only be achieved at the height of the arousal/plateau phase where orgasm generally occurs. Sometimes, however, I never quite get there and I’ve learned to accept that this is just simply one of those things.

Almost uniquely amongst my sexual “firsts”, I can’t actually remember my first orgasm; it is lost in the murky pre-history of early adolescence. It, like many of those that followed it at that particular point of my life, was entirely self administered. To be fair though, much as I enjoyed a good wank, and bringing myself off back then, I’ve always preferred it when I’ve had a partner to help me.



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  1. I’ve watched my partner have a dry orgasm, which I had never experienced before. It was strange to see as I am used to him ejaculating. I did wonder if he was faking it, but he gave all the same noises and mannerisms of his usual reaction to orgasm, and assured me it was genuine!


    1. For those of us that have experience of it, I think the only real difference is that there is no explosive release via ejaculation. The tension that has built up still dissipates, there is still the same period of deep relaxation afterwards, the sensations are still intense, but there is no obvious visible sign of our orgasm. I prefer the more “traditional” male climax as it is more “primal” feeling the pressure build, my essence rise up and course through me and the exquisite draining feeling of ejaculation, but orgasm without it, is still an orgasm and still something to enjoy, savour, and wallow in… 😉

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