In Praise Of Pussy

Pussy PrideYes, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘Hold on a minute here, Mr Nudist, you’re a guy, you don’t have a vagina, why are you commenting on this?’ If you aren’t thinking that, then you would have been forgiven if you had been.

Yes, I am a guy and, no, I do not possess one of these wonderful objects of my own. I have, however, got to know quite a few of them intimately over the past 20+ years or so, so I think I have a certain perspective.

Pussies (I hate that word, even though I love that part of your body) like penises, come in all shapes, sizes and configurations and they are all amazing. Without exception, of the pussies I have known, I love the feel of them around my cock, I love the taste of them on my tongue. I love how warm and inviting they are. I love how wet they become. Basically, I just love them.

In the same way that we men can get hung up about our cocks, I know that women can have issues with their pussies. When it comes to how they look, I don’t care if your labia protrude beyond your vulva. I don’t mind how you style (or otherwise) your pubic hair. All I want to do is cherish and pleasure that most intimate and sensitive part of you; be it with my lips, my tongue, my fingers, or my cock.

Wicked WednesdayWhen I’m going down, I love how the juices it exudes taste on my tongue. I’m fascinated by the way the flavour changes as your arousal increases. For those that I have become particularly well acquainted with, I can almost tell the level of the woman’s arousal by taste alone; and when you come, oh, believe me, I can tell, and it tastes just perfect to me.

I love the way your labia part for my questing fingers, how you clit reacts to my touch. When I slide my finger inside it, I love the texture of your vagina and the way it grips my fingers.

And when my cock is inside one, when I am inside you, I love the way it feels; holding me, gripping me, caressing me, making me a part of you until I come.

Pussies, cunts, muffins, fannies, whatever you want to call them are all as individual as the women they belong to, and all marvellous. Each has its own “personality” (pussinality?), each has its own list of things that turn it on and things that it doesn’t like. Getting to know the intricacies of your lover’s pussy is, for me at least, one of the most joyful things about being with that person.

So let’s hear it for pussies (or whatever you call yours). They are one of the greatest gifts you can bestow. Those of us to whom you give them will always find ways to show you how much we cherish the gift you give us.