No Worries…

Penis ProjectIt’s a strange one, isn’t it? Ask a woman what size her boobs are and, assuming she’s willing to divulge such information, she’ll tell you. Ask a man how big his cock is, and you’ll probably be met with something along the lines of: “Um, dunno, probably about 6 inches”. If you are really unlucky, he may take that as an invitation to send you a photo of it.

Now I suspect one of the reasons women know their measurements much more accurately than we men know ours is that they have to get themselves fitted to wear an uncomfortable garment that, ultimately, is still the wrong size; whereas we don’t need to worry about such things. Also, a woman’s boobs, even when modestly covered are still pretty much on display; whereas what we men have in our trousers is, by and large, more discreetly concealed.

It’s not that we men are reticent about our penises; far from it. Indeed, we seem to take the opportunity to proudly wave them about at every opportunity, so why are we generally so vague on their dimensions?

Well, for one thing, their dimensions are decidedly inconstant. Mine changes according to the mood I’m in, the temperature, whether or not I need to pee, my partner’s state of undress or what she happens to be doing at any given moment. When I’m cold it can shrivel down to virtually nothing, when aroused it is, well, whatever size it is.

The fact is that the women I’ve been with have all seemed to like it. When I was younger, before any member of the opposite sex had even seen my member, I used to have some concerns that maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t “man enough” in that department, but such doubts were quickly dispelled by the first girl to see it (and subsequently feel it) and the comments that I have had directed about it have all been favourable.

#MasturbationMondayThe insecurity, such as it was, came from comparing my cock in its flaccid state with other lads my age. I am very much what you might describe as a “grower”. The other problem is, things always look smaller when you look down on them, and given that since my early teens I have been about 5′10″ that’s a reasonably long way down to look. Of course, even then, I knew that the size of a penis in its flaccid state bears no relation to its size when fully erect, but that was all I had to go on.

Even as I grew more confident, thanks to the appreciative comments of the women who saw it in the flesh, I’d still rather that their first view of it was in at least a semi-erect state.

I’m over such things now. Even when I had “hang-ups” I still knew that it wasn’t really the size that was the important thing, nor was my penis the only thing that gave women pleasure during sex.

I have learned that, ultimately, the important thing is, is that the woman I am with likes it and what I do with it. As for how big it is, um, I dunno, about 6″ I guess.



One Size Fits All

Penis ProjectI am a man, I have a penis. I have written about my penis here on this very blog and over on my other blog. In fact, if you’ve viewed the photos I share , over on that blog, you will have no doubt seen a fair bit of it.

It’s a strange thing, in my opinion. It’s not particularly remarkable in any way. It’s neither especially long nor is it especially short. It is, as far as I am concerned, not particularly aesthetically pleasing, but penises, in my view generally aren’t. If anything, the penis epitomises function over style. The general opinion that I’ve encountered is, so long as it does what it does well, what it looks like is pretty much immaterial. After all, when it is engaged in its more pleasurable function, it generally isn’t visible to the eye anyway.

So how do I feel about my penis?

Well, as I said, I don’t think it’s much of a looker, but it does what it’s supposed to. No one has ever complained about it (to my face anyway) and it has received its share of compliments.

Am I self-concious about it? No, not particularly. No woman, on seeing it for the first time has ever fainted in shock/horror, but at the same time (and much more importantly) nor have they ever exploded into fits of hysterical laughter, pointing out its inadequacy.

So, yeah, I’m happy with it. The women I have shared it with have been happy with it too. That said, they have also been happy with my hands, my fingers, my lips and my tongue.

And that’s the thing; sex isn’t just about the size of my penis and what I do with it. It is about how I stimulate, arouse and pleasure my partner. My penis plays a part in that process, of course. In fact, you could almost go as far as to say it plays a disproportionately large part in the process; but, be that as it may, it isn’t the be all and end all.

If I could magically have a bigger (longer/thicker) one, would I?

Yeah, probably. Not that I feel mine is inadequate in any way; nor that I feel it would make any difference in my ability as a sexual partner, but, well, you know… The next size up wouldn’t be too much to ask for would it?

Would I do anything (surgery/pills/potions/stretching devices) to make it any bigger?

No. It’s fine the way it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So, what have we learned?

I’m a guy, I have a penis. I’m happy with my penis. The women who have encountered it have been happy with my penis. It does what it’s meant to do and, based on the evidence I have had before me, does it pretty well most of the time. To me, that’s pretty much all that matters really.


To Cock, Or Not To Cock

Penis ProjectFor some reason, known only to the random patterns of electrons and collections of ones and zeros that make up the internet, the search term that most frequently directs people to my blogs is “Cock Pics”. Almost every month, without fail, if it isn’t the top search term, it is in the top two or three. This got me thinking, do I really display my penis that often?

To date, I have posted 125 photos on over my photo blog. Of these, my penis has been fully visible in 30 of them. So, 24%, or  as near as damn it a quarter of them. That’s a reasonably significant fraction of my photos that feature my significant fraction. Having said that, my arse features in 36 photos.

Of those 30 photos in which my penis makes an appearance, in the vast majority of cases, it has at best a cameo, or supporting role. Only in four posts could it be said to have the star billing, namely:

Now, granted, in “Penile Bombardment” you get four views for the price of one, but it was kind of incidental to the point I was making. “Dick(ie) Bow;” and “Christmas Is A Cumming…” are clearly intended to be at least mildly humourous. That basically leaves ““A” Is For Awakening” as the sole gratuitous “Cock Pic”.

Being a male blogger, and in particular, being a male blogger who posts naked photos of myself, it requires some thought as to which area of my body to focus on. Some readers like my hands, some my arms, others my shoulders. Some like my back, some like my chest, some like my arse, and some do actually like my penis.

By and large, however, with the exception of those four posts mentioned above, while my penis may be visible, it is not the focus of my photo. Depending on the viewer, the eye may be drawn towards it, but its presence is simply a side effect of me being both male and naked.

Do I feel any compulsion to show it off? No, not really; it’s just there, a part of me, just like any other part of me. If it makes an appearance in a photo (the aforementioned posts excepted), it is simply because it happens to be in shot, or in some way necessary to make a particular photo work.

I’m not saying my photos aren’t sexual; some people may find them extremely so. It’s simply that, by having a very relaxed attitude to nakedness, I have a different perspective.