The Closest Shave

I have mentioned before that I am actually quite fond of pubic hair on a woman. There is something about slowly running my fingers through those soft, and increasingly damp, curls between a woman's legs that can transport me back in time to when sex and exploration of the female body were new experiences for... Continue Reading →


Like They Do On The Discovery Channel…

I have mixed feelings towards sex from behind; both pro and con. That being the case, let's get the "bad stuff" out of the way first. I am a very touchy-feely kind of person; I love the sensation of skin touching skin and feeling my partner's body against mine. I am very tactile. My problem... Continue Reading →


I recently did a post on self-edging; the experience of prolonging that wonderfully exquisite agony just before allowing myself the much needed release of orgasm. I have also described my masturbation technique. Unfortunately, I have also mentioned that, for reasons of the medication I take for my depression, both of the aforementioned activities are rarities.... Continue Reading →

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