Getting Started

I wrote my first erotic story way back in about 1998/99 and posted it on one of the alt-dot newsgroups on usenet. A couple of years later, I found Literotica and started posting my stories on there. I also posted them on a "blog" at adult friendfinder. I wasn't aware of there being a blogging... Continue Reading →


#MasturbationMonday Round-Up

I was honoured when Kayla (@KaylaLords) asked me to do the round-up for Week #203. Having done the round-ups for both #SinfulSunday and #WickedWednesday before, I knew what I was letting myself in for; the standard of submission is always high and the entries for this week were no exception. It took me a while agonising... Continue Reading →

Word for Wednesday – Eulogy

Eulogy /yoo-luh-jee/ noun a formal speech or piece of writing praising a person or thing, esp a person who has recently died high praise or commendation Like many people, I was shocked and deeply saddened when Mal announced the news of the passing of M from Cammies on The Floor. This isn't the first tribute to M that members of our community have left, and I'm positive it won't be the last. Given the shock that came of the... Continue Reading →

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