The Great Compartmentaliser

I am, generally speaking, quite open about all aspects of my life; be it my interests and hobbies, my mental health, my sex life, or my general views on life, the universe, and everything. Having said that I don't necessarily share every aspect of me with absolutely everybody. This is less apparent in everyday ("real")... Continue Reading →


TMI Tuesday: April 9, 2019

TMI Tuesday Did you leave your last love for some one else or no one else? My last love left me for someone else, I didn't leave them. Do you enjoy being alone? Yes or No I don't mind it on the whole, so I guess my answer would be "Yes". I don't enjoy being... Continue Reading →


It is, perhaps, one of the most difficult forms of loss to come to terms with; the loss that comes with the betrayal of trust from someone close to you. Friendships and relationships, like all things, have their time and come to an end for many reasons. With hindsight, these endings, while painful and upsetting... Continue Reading →

Just A Man

I was brought up with some very conservative and, some might say, old fashioned views and attitudes about how men behaved. Firstly, when it came to women, we looked after them, we held doors open for them, we let the precede us wherever we went and, under no circumstances, did we ever raise a hand... Continue Reading →

Still Here

I have, as some of you have noticed and commented on, been rather quiet in recent weeks. While I've been relying on my #FebPhotoFest and #SinfulSunday photos to keep my blog ticking over recently, it has been over three weeks since I last posted something here. Truth be told, I really don't have anything much... Continue Reading →

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