Like They Do On The Discovery Channel…

I have mixed feelings towards sex from behind; both pro and con. That being the case, let's get the "bad stuff" out of the way first. I am a very touchy-feely kind of person; I love the sensation of skin touching skin and feeling my partner's body against mine. I am very tactile. My problem... Continue Reading →


Dressed To Thrill

So, it seems that #FoodForThoughtFriday this week is all about the clothes we find sexy, and #KinkOfTheWeek is all about fishnets. Coincidence? Possibly... Now, while for me the two aren't entirely the same thing, there is enough overlap for me to combine them into the same post (I can be lazy that way sometimes...) The... Continue Reading →


I recently did a post on self-edging; the experience of prolonging that wonderfully exquisite agony just before allowing myself the much needed release of orgasm. I have also described my masturbation technique. Unfortunately, I have also mentioned that, for reasons of the medication I take for my depression, both of the aforementioned activities are rarities.... Continue Reading →

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