Getting Started

I wrote my first erotic story way back in about 1998/99 and posted it on one of the alt-dot newsgroups on usenet. A couple of years later, I found Literotica and started posting my stories on there. I also posted them on a "blog" at adult friendfinder. I wasn't aware of there being a blogging... Continue Reading →


On Her Knees

The woman on her knees; it's almost a staple image of the D/s scene, particularly in the CMNF sub-genre to which, I suppose, my photo applies. But, as much as it can play towards submissive tropes, it is not a depiction of weakness; in fact it is often quite the opposite. To be greeted in... Continue Reading →

All Tied Up

Restraint/bondage is one of those things that doesn't actually feature very prominently in my repertoire of things I do and almost never makes it on to the list of things I have done to me. It's not that I have anything against restraining my partner; it is something I enjoy on those occasions that it... Continue Reading →

Time & Distance

It starts, as it so often does, with an early morning text message. It's not even a particularly naughty one; often no more than a "Good morning" or "Did you sleep well?" The scene, however, is already set. As the morning progresses, the level of suggestion in the exchanged messages deepen.  Selected pins from Pinterest... Continue Reading →

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