Time And Place

There is a proper time and place for sex. The time is now and the place is here with me... Any takers? No? No change there then... It's probably fair to say that I don't really have a favourite time of day for having sex. Full disclosure, it happens so rarely that any time it... Continue Reading →


#WickedWednesday Round-Up

So, if picking 3 from 24 entries, back when I did the round-up for week 306,  was hard. picking 3 from 33 this time around was harder still. As always, the standard of the submissions was extremely high, but the three that stood out for me this week did so because, somehow, each of them... Continue Reading →

It’s Not All About Intercourse

I've never had a sexual relationship where intercourse wasn't (ultimately) the predominant sexual activity that was undertaken. That "ultimately" is in there because there is one very slight technical exception to that) rule; that being what was my first sexual relationship. When I say that, it's not that the girl in question and I didn't... Continue Reading →

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