TMI Tuesday: February 5 2019 – Oohs & Aahs

Oohs & Aahs Do you express your sexual pleasure with moans, groans, sighs, and other noises (provided that you are actually turned on)? Yes, each time I have sex (90-100% of the time). Yes, on most occasions (70-89% of the time). Yes, on some occasions (40-69% of the time). Yes, on a few occasions (less... Continue Reading →


TMI Tuesday: January 15 2019 – Sex And Lovers

Sex and Lovers Who has the tendency to hold a grudge–you or your significant other? I've never been one to hold grudges and neither, as far as I can recall, have my "significant others" (when I've had one) either. I guess I've either been lucky, or I just seem to attract partners who have a... Continue Reading →

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